Retention Report

Work Institute's Retention Reports

Work Institute's annual employee Retention Reports reveal insights into the reasons why employees quit their jobs for that specific year. These reports show the state of the jobs market, trends in employee turnover, top 10 reasons for leaving, and how organizations can reduce their own employee turnover.
2021 Mid-Year Employee Retention update

We investigated the reasons employees quit their jobs at record levels in the first half of 2021 and provide insights as to what must be done to effectively retain employees.

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2021 Retention Report: The COVID Edition

The influence of the global pandemic on the U.S. workforce was unprecedented and we analyzed our data to deliver you the US workforce insights, trends, and reasons for leaving throughout the year 2020.

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2020 Retention Report

Insights on 2019 Turnover Trends, Reasons for Leaving, Cost of Turnover, and Recommendations

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2019 Retention Report

Trends, Reasons & a Call to Action from the insights of over 250,000 employee interviews

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2018 Retention Report

Get the Guide to learn the reasons employees leave their jobs, how these reasons have changed, and how market conditions impact the reasons employees leave

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2018 Retention Report Healthcare Supplement

Get the key insights on healthcare retention and turnover from over 23,000 healthcare exit interviews

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2017 Retention Report

Trends, Reasons & Recommendations from over 240,000 employee interviews

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2017 Retention Report Healthcare Supplement

Insights from organizations that provide goods and services to support the delivery of care for people's health.

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